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Adding value with free sessions

16 August 2010
Adding value with free sessions

One of the big differentiators that IBC has from other shows is that its free Added Value Conference stream is as rigorously peer reviewed and full of compelling content as the rest of the Conference programme. This makes it an excellent place to find out what is really going on at a deep level within the industry.

Its opening and closing sessions are prime examples of this. It starts with a debate on the structural changes that the recent recession has wrought on the industry in the opening session ‘The state of the media industry – are we over the worst?’. And it finishes five days later with ‘Don’t touch these issues, they’re too hot!’, a two-part session organised by the EBU that will look at the most important topics at IBC2010.

IBC’s tagline is ‘by the industry, for the industry’ and so it’s no surprise to find two respected industry organisation organise two sessions in the free Added Value stream on Tuesday. The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has organised Prepare for 1Gbps access to the home, which will present papers arguing the case for long-term planning of 1Gbps fibre into the home. The European Digital Cinema Forum’s State of play: developments in d-cinema, meanwhile, looks at the sector’s technology and business issues including; an assessment of the current status of d-cinema deployment worldwide and the impact of 3D on the cinema business and the rate of d-cinema deployment.

In-between there’s much more too, with the Added Value stream covering sixteen sessions and subjects ranging from stereoscopic 3D to Augmented Reality and infra-red shooting – don’t miss it.

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