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ADB launching graphyne2

13 July 2016
ADB launching graphyne2

ADB is launching a next-generation personal TV software platform, graphyne2.

The platform, a client device and backend software suite, is designed to provide a ‘fully personalised, intuitive and user-friendly UX’, enabling quick and easy access to the content viewers desire.

It will be showcased at IBC2016.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the new graphyne2 platform, which has been built on 20 years of continuous development serving cable, satellite, IPTV and new OTT service providers,” said Peter Balchin, CEO of ADB.

“The new platform leverages our deep expertise in software design to deliver a cloud-optimised solution for next-generation pay-TV and OTT.”

“The multi-device, internet enabled world offers an opportunity for pay-TV operators to break out of traditional subscription and advertising led business models and explore new options that mix premium and free services.”

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