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Adaptimax offers budget users new lens adaptations

2 April 2010
Adaptimax offers budget users new lens adaptations

Many budget productions buy camcorders with interchangeable lenses, and only have one lens, writes David Fox. Now Adaptimax offers a way to fit stills photography lenses from Canon and Nikon to 1/3-inch or half-inch camcorders, such as Sony’s PMW-EX3, HVR-Z7 or HVR-S270, JVC’s GY-HM700, GY-HD 100 or 200, and Panasonic’s HPX300. The Canon converter only works with Canon EF lenses and the EX3.

It previously had an EX3 adapter for Nikon lenses, but only old lenses that had an external aperture ring (a limitation that also applies to its new 1/3-inch bayonet adaptor). However, its new Adaptimax Plus (for the EX3) can use all Nikon lenses, including DX and G-series models, and allows users to open and close the aperture using a thumb screw.

It opens up a whole array of interesting lenses to camcorder users (a Nikon 55mm macro lens can be bought for as little as £50 on e-bay). "You can also add very long lenses. When you factor in the crop factor of an EX3 (5.4), a 1000mm lens becomes 5400mm," explains Steve Shovlar, Adaptimax’ sales director. "You don’t lose any light, so you can stop right down." Prices range from £195 to £235.

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