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ACE ramps up with Quantel for real-time 2K

12 July 2011

The Brussels-based ACE film-effects facility has upgraded its Quantel iQ to Version 5 software, to allow it to offer full 2K post production in real time, writes David Fox.

"We pride ourselves on always having been the first facility in Belgium to buy Quantel kit when new products came onto the market," said Stefan Ryken, ACE Managing Director. "We started up our facility in 1995 with a Harry, which allowed us to get into broadcast postproduction, we moved on to Henry and Editbox which enabled us to get into the commercials market and then moved on to Domino, eQ and iQ, which opened the DI and film FX markets for us. In other words, Quantel hasn’t just been a technical choice for us, but a key business driver to enable us to diversify into new areas in our relatively small market."

Besides iQ, ACE has Maya 3D animation, Foundry’s Nuke compositing system, a Coloris colour-grading station and a variety of other PC-based systems.

"The new V5 software and Quantel-configured PC will allow us to ingest and process 2K material and all RAW formats – including Alexa, Red and Phantom – in real time, which is a definite advantage for us, providing directors and colour graders with the kind of fast workflow they need. We’re also seriously looking at a 3D Pablo, as stereoscopic production is beginning to emerge in Belgium," he added.

BCE upgrades sQ

Broadcast Centre Europe in Luxembourg, home to RTL, has upgraded its Quantel Enterprise sQ news production system to support HD operation and file based workflows.

"Our existing Enterprise sQ system has served us well since 2006. The upgrade will retain all the system’s speed and agility and allow us to work in HD and SD simultaneously. We will also gain workflow integration with Final Cut Pro editors and the latest file based media," said Jean Lampach, BCE’s Chief Technology & Development Officer.

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