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Access and YuMe’s multi-screen ad solution

23 October 2014

Caught twixt IBC and ISE as we are, it’s worthwhile rewinding to the last visit to the RAI and the IBC demonstration of the new Access Twine multi-screen platform.

Access and YuMe showcased the new Access Twine multi-screen platform, which integrates with YuMe technology to provide operators with advanced digital advertising capabilities, including dynamic ad insertion and management, granular audience and inventory targeting, and normalisation of ad creative across platforms. YuMe’s multi-screen solution supports Access’ multi-screen management solution, which caters to operators’ needs and enables delivery to every screen in the home through a single platform.

“By leveraging YuMe’s data sciences’ capabilities in tandem with our multi-screen expertise, we allow operators to better understand their subscribers’ demographics and behaviour and target them accordingly, whether through tailored recommendations on OTT and VoD portals or personalized advertising, such as pre-roll and post-roll videos on their PVR content,” said Dr. Neale Foster, COO and VP Global Sales TV, Access Europe. “Adding YuMe’s multi-screen advertising solution allows us to further expand on the ‘code once, run everywhere’ philosophy on which Access Twine is built.”

“Consumers watch video content on a wide range of devices, and the array of technologies involved makes it difficult for operators, agencies and brands to reach their audiences efficiently,” said Bob Hall, Vice President, Platform and Partnerships at YuMe. “To address this challenge, YuMe and Access are working together to greatly simplify digital video advertising across devices with a single efficient platform.”

Access Twine provides: Elimination of fragmentation issues; accessibility on all platforms; and personalized advertising models, with data analytics allowing for targeted advertisement insertion (such as before and after PVR content and within user interfaces) enabling operators to monetize multi-screen.

YuMe, meanwhile, brings powerful ad management features, a seamless user experience, and access to a wide variety of advertisers via the company’s Connected Audience Network advertising sales service and Video Reach programmatic demand sources to the table.


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