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Accenture survey shows strong demand

5 October 2006

A new global survey by Accenture unveiled at IBC found that nearly 60% of people want more control over how they consume media, writes Kate Bulkley. “We have moved from an appointment to view TV culture to a TV on my terms one,” said Kumu Puri, a partner at Accenture Communications and High Tech Strategy, to IBC delegates at the Multimedia in the Network Home theme day.

The trend, said Puri, is going to accelerate as the MySpace generation grows up. According to the nine-country Accenture Global Digital Home Survey survey, 44% of those under 24 years of age prefer watching video on the internet rather than on the TV and 56% of that age group want to create and share their own content with others. The highest desire to control their media and share with others came from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Asian countries also had the most interest in having video on their cellular phones, followed by Italy, Canada, the UK and Germany. The USA trailed the rest at only 16% of respondents interested.

But it’s not just the young that are interested in watching online content on their TVs. Some 54% of respondents want Net content on their televisions within the next three years. To meet this appetite Puri said that companies need to provide more and better services to people. “Good media alone will not enable media companies to attract consumers.

Companies need to experiment with new channels of content distribution and new models and they need to give an editorial role to the consumer,” Puri said. New models must be flexible and able to scale quickly, she added, reminding the audience that video sharing site YouTube is delivering 100 million videos every day.

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