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Absolute first Linux Flame in Soho

23 February 2006

Soho-based Absolute Post is the first UK post facility to invest in the Discreet Flame visual effects system on dual-core workstations running the Linux operating system, writes Fergal Ringrose.

This is Absolute’s third Flame purchase in two years. The facility has also upgraded its existing Flame systems to the latest version, 9.5, and its four Autodesk Burn networking processing solutions to 64-bit processing.

Absolute Managing Director David Smith said, "After beta-testing Flame Linux, I was seriously impressed. Absolute has to use space as effectively as possible because we’re a relatively small boutique. Using Flame Linux freed up a lot of space in our machine room. To complement this new purchase, we’ve also upgraded the processing power of our Burns to 64-bit so our workflow is now fully optimised. We can now render on all our Flames, whilst continuing to use them for effects work… it’s perfect for an outfit of our scale."

The facility now has a mixture of Irix and Linux-based systems, with Flame running on the SGI Tezro platform as well as a Flame and Flint visual effects system running on Linux-based workstations. Absolute also uses Autodesk Combustion desktop visual effects software and Maya 3D software.


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