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ABS wins Simply Media contract

22 January 2008

Simply Media has selected Advanced Broadcast Services to playout three of its popular television channels to the Sky satellite television platform. The channels involved are Simply TV, Simply Shopping and the affiliated TV Warehouse, which Simply Media manages on behalf of TV Network Ltd.

“Simply Media is one of the most enterprising television companies,” comments ABS managing director, Sass Jahani. “Its management team has a good understanding of mainstream broadcasting and has proved the viability of the internet as a development base for new multimedia concepts which can then be cross-promoted to satellite-oriented viewers or matured into full-scale broadcast channels. These are very innovative business models which we are very pleased to be asked to support.”

“Advanced Broadcast Services is an impressive operation,” adds Simply Media CEO, Henry Scott. “Sass Jahani and his colleagues operate a very efficient archiving and playout facility which combines high technical and operational standards with experienced management.”

Located at Park Royal, West London, Advanced Broadcast Services has been involved in the satellite TV sector since 1991. The playout operations centre currently supports 40 television channels, staffed by a team of fully qualified technical and operational personnel using ultra-modern equipment and facilities.

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