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ABS Broadcast improves workflow with Dalet AmberFin

2 December 2014
ABS Broadcast improves workflow with Dalet AmberFin

ABS Broadcast has chosen Dalet AmberFin high quality transcoding and file-player software as the core of its broadcast playout facility in west London.

“A very large proportion of content from our clients arrives as files, either on couriered storage media or, more commonly now, online,” commented ABS Broadcast founder and CEO Sass Jahani. “The challenge was to find an efficient way to augment our existing infrastructure so that we could transcode files for playout of content from and to various codecs and wrappers. Dalet’s Amberfin transcoding platform was chosen after a careful study of the available technologies. It incorporates ingest, mastering, quality control and review functions which can all be accessed via a single graphic user interface.

“AmberFin Play enables us to review shared assets at any point in the workflow,” added Mukund Patel, head of technology and engineering. “We are running the software on hardware located in our server room and controlled from the operations control room. The AmberFin modules in combination have proved a highly effective and successful solution to our file-creation and workflow requirements.”

“I am very pleased that Amberfin’s transcoding and file player platforms are able to provide ABS Broadcast with a complete file preparation solution for their playout operation,” said Chris Elson, ATG Danmon product sales manager. “These platforms meet the demands of a 24/7 operation whilst maintaining the highest image quality and workflow efficiency.”

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