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Abit helps NRK move HD

26 July 2010
Abit helps NRK move HD

Norway’s NRK has contracted Abit to upgrade its automation system. The software upgrade to Abit’s installed HD-ready Present-it automation system, will now provide the capability for additional channels NRK2 and NRK3, to transmit in HD.

“The Abit system which controls all three NRK channels from the organisation’s new digital presentation control rooms in Marienlyst, Oslo, will now be upgraded to interface with various devices needed to manage HD workflow including the Snell Quasar and Alchemist converters and the Pro-Bel Masterpiece HD mixer,” confirmed Rob Leishman, marketing manager at Abit. “HD footage is now being transmitted on NRK1, and the other channels will be upgraded to HD using the multichannel dual redundant Abit hardware over the coming months.

“For some time we have been working with NRK to help the organisation achieve its digital vision for Norway,” continueed Leishman. “Providing NRK with the capability to transmit all its three channels in HD is a significant step towards that goal. Following the system upgrade, material in both HD and SD will be converted to the correct format for all three channels in the transmission paths. This will enable last minute changes to the schedule while ensuring content is broadcast with the correct format and resolution on each channel. Each conversion takes a finite amount of time, and to achieve frame accurate playout, Abit’s automation system evaluates the effect of each delay and initiates each element in the transmission path to ensure the material and associated graphics are played out in accordance with the schedule.”
NRK has also recently purchased one of Abit’s new ‘compact’ automation system for testing during the initial phase of installation at the facility. It will subsequently be used as a realtime back up system to allow testing of new equipment and services, transmission during planned system maintenance on the main dual redundant system and operational training.

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