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ABC launches lightweight DSLR jib

1 October 2010
ABC launches lightweight DSLR jib

With the growth in shooting with DSLR cameras, ABC Products caught a lot of attention and enthusiasm at Cinec and Photokina with its lightweight and compact DSLR Light-Jib.

Owing to its small pack size and its reduced weight of only 3.9kg thanks to the use of carbon tubes, the jib is designed for quick and easy use. Moreover, the extremely short assembly time of only a few seconds and a QuickPin system allow a rapid change of location and camera angle.

Not only does the boom length of 1.52m and a payload capacity of 4.5kg make it an extremely versatile piece of equipment: the shot can be well prepared thanks to a parallelogram bar that can be continuously changed allowing for an automatic tilt as well as precise adjustment of the tilt head angle. A further advantage is the special swivel system that enables the Light-Jib to glide avoiding any disturbing swinging when it is stopped. Many other details such as a built-in water level, quick release and built-in brakes (horizontal and vertical) make the DSLR-Jib Light what the company says is “the ideal equipment for professional shooting with a DSLR.”

The jib will be available from December for approximately €1190.

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