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Abaltat gets EMEA distributor

4 September 2007

Abaltat has announced the appointment of Mediamachine as its EMEA distributor. Mediamachine is based in Amsterdam and is a sister company of Blackmagic Design Europe, distributors of the Blackmagic product range.

Amongst other music software applications, Abaltat is the developer of the headline-grabbing Abaltat Muse. Muse is a radical approach to soundtrack composition. In a matter of seconds, the software analyses a video sequence and composes an original score, which the user can then further arrange by way of the software interface.

Si_n N_ Raghallaigh, managing director of Abaltat said: “We are delighted to be working with Mediamachine. They have a long track record in the introduction of new products to the market and we look forward to working with them and their resellers to successfully distribute our product line.”

“We are very excited about Abaltat Muse because of its revolutionary approach,” said Regina Yap, director of Mediamachine. “The software’s neural network interacts with creative minds in a unique way, bringing degrees of freedom never experienced before, way beyond traditional video- and audio-compositing software. If you want to know what next-generation creative software is all about, have a look at the Abaltat software apps and you will immediately understand.”

“When I saw and heard Muse for the first time, I instantly knew that Abaltat was working on something very special, giving video and film editors the very tools they need for generating tailor-made soundtracks on the fly,” said Theo Stals, co-director of Mediamachine. “We are very happy to bring this line of products to the installed base of professional video editors and compositors. They perfectly integrate into existing workflows and are a welcome addition to the software tools bringing video hardware to life. And that’s exactly what Mediamachine wants to offer the channel.”

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