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A unique trio from Ericsson

2 September 2013
A unique trio from Ericsson

Three solutions – all described by the company as ‘unique’, and which it claims will transform the efficiency and viability of video’s dominance of all networks and the evolution of the consumer experience – are being debuted at IBC by Ericsson.

Among these is Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast solution, which is said to enable the efficient broadcast of high quality video content over LTE. The complete solution unites three key technologies (eMBMS, HEVC and MPEG-DASH) which Ericsson believes will revolutionise mobile video delivery in both unicast and broadcast, meeting consumer demand for TV Anywhere experiences. Ericsson’s Mobility report predicts that video data is set to dominate networks and grow from 40% to 90% of mobile traffic within the next 3-4 years. According to the company, LTE Broadcast enables the content industry and operators to collaborate around new business models in mobile entertainment and consumer experience.

The AVP 4000 solution, powered by Ericsson’s first ever professional video chip, is described by the company as the most advanced video processing platform for the content value chain from acquisition to delivery. It is designed to enable broadcasters, service providers and operators to achieve greater velocity and efficiency in deploying new video services such as UHDTV, meeting consumer demand.

Last but not least, Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network solution is designed to accelerate and unite the delivery of managed and unmanaged content over fixed and mobile networks. Unlike traditional CDN solutions (which, says Ericsson, were not built to meet today’s rapidly increasing and evolving network demands), Ericsson’s new unified Media Delivery Network solution is designed to address the huge demand for high quality content experiences anywhere. According to Ericsson, it provides operators with a single, intelligent and agile platform for superior efficiency, velocity of services and new monetization opportunities.

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