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A right royal outside broadcast

27 April 2011

The UK’s arsenal of flyaway packs, satellite trucks and OB cameras will almost all be concentrated in central London this Friday covering the Royal Wedding, writes Adrian Pennington. Interest from overseas broadcasters is particularly strong for an event which is predicted to pull in the biggest ever TV audience of 2 billion.

A further half a billion viewers are expected to participate online. Among those providing core facilities is Presteigne Charter whose clients include ABC America and Canadian Television (CTV).

For ABC, Presteigne Charter is providing them with equipment to kit out a five camera studio at Canada Gate (overlooking Buckingham Palace) including all the production gallery, audio and comms, and master control facilities.

Some of its main kit for this client includes 5 Sony HDC-1500s with Canon lenses, a Panasonic AV-HS400 HD/SD switcher; Leitch Panacea 32×32 HD/SD-SDI router, Evertz 7867VIPA16-DUO-HS+3RU 16 input monitoring & display card, a Telex ADAM Comms 64×64 Router and around 50 crew.

CTV requires from Presteigne an HD gallery, MCR, XDCAM ingest/playout area, monitoring, cabled stand-up position and ENG cameras.

The host feed is being jointly produced by ITN, Sky News and the BBC although each will also have their own news crews along the route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace to differentiate coverage. The host feed, including that inside the abbey will be a clean feed to which broadcasters can apply presentational graphics or overlay commentary.

Outside broadcasters supplying the host include SIS LIVE, Arena, NEP Visions, Telegenic and CTV.

An array of other media providers are offering facilities at Canada Gate (Buckingham Palace), stand up positions at key locations along the route, workspace in the Green Park media centre or other London locations and connections to international broadcast feeds.

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