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A good year for Omnibus

29 January 2010

As more industry 2009 financial data gets made public, OmniBus Systems is among the winners, generating record levels of cash flow and profitability thanks largely to its iTX platform.

“2009 was an outstanding year for OmniBus, with the company expanding dramatically in all regions despite the downward trend that has affected many areas of the industry,” said Mike Oldham, OmniBus Systems’ CEO. “We’ve realised this success in tough trading conditions because of the strength of our next-generation, IT-based automation and transmission platform, OmniBus iTX. Difficult times make the economic benefits of iTX more important to customers as they realize the high-end capabilities of the platform. They can replace outdated conventional technology, and benefit from an extended featureset and enhanced integration and flexibility – while still achieving big savings.”

iTX sales were brisk in 2009, with more than 100 channels launched in the North American market alone. Many of the major names in US broadcasting and service provision are now listed among the users of OmniBus products.

As well as strengthening its sales, service and delivery teams in New York and Los Angeles with a number of appointments, in the European and Asia-Pacific regions, new appointments include two prominent industry figures: Greg Hoskin as executive vice president of broadcast sales, and Iain Wood as regional manager for India, the Middle East and Africa. Hoskin has more than 30 years experience in senior sales and business development positions with major manufacturers such as Omneon and has just recently left SI Megahertz after completing a planned reorganisation, and Iain Wood is returning to OmniBus after heading Mideast and Asia-Pacific regional sales operations for Omneon.

“We are finding that the best talent in the industry is keen to work with OmniBus as we spearhead the industry transition to software-based solutions operating on cost-efficient standard IT servers,” Oldham said. “iTX sales have been growing because the software platform allows broadcasters and media companies to manage existing channels and launch new channels at a reduced capital outlay and with lower ongoing operating costs. The iTX platform replaces the functionality of traditional video servers, automation and graphics solutions and can be used to launch broadcast, satellite, IPTV and mobile TV delivery services. Our strong financial position allows us to continue to invest in an aggressive R&D program to ensure that we maintain our clear lead in the industry.

“In 2010 we expect our growth to be boosted by the expansion of HD broadcasting, and multi-format delivery, both of which are considerably easier to achieve with iTX,” he continued. “We have also closed significant sales to content distributors and playout centers, along with station group customers in the US and Canada.”

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