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A good climate for Danmon Systems

7 January 2010

Extensive worldwide coverage of December’s COP15 climate conference was in many parts thanks to Danmon Systems Group, which built the massive IBC for the event.

To provide the COP15 TV/radio media infrastructure and management, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded the Host Broadcaster Contract to a three-way partnership group, consisting of TV 2|DANMARK, Danmon Systems Group and East Productions. TV 2 provided the complete project management, with production and support staff, booking and rentals; Danmon built the IBC including extensive digital and analogue infrastructure; and East Productions delivered OB production and uplink trucks and production staff.

All in all it was an impressive project that nicely illustrates the extensive way that important international events are now covered. A media city with 160 workspaces for broadcasters was built, each of which had the facilities needed to receive live video and audio from the two plenary rooms and from five press-conference rooms. Recordings of the proceedings, format conversion, a full TV-studio, many stand-up positions, wireless cameras, radio cabins, editing facilities and satellite uplinks/downlinks were all provided for booking, and there was also a rental shop offering equipment, service and support.

“The installation in the Bella Centre includes an extensive fibre backbone and an estimated 180 kilometres of video/audio cable, feeding approximate 4400 individual outputs,” said Danmon Systems Group Project Manager, Peter Thomsen. “Beside production facilities, cameras, video servers and VTRs, the infrastructure includes an Nvision router with VSM router control, Miranda Densit modular equipment, DK Technologies sync generators/monitoring, Alpermann & Velte timecode generators, ClearCom intercom, Snell standards conversion and Cobham wireless camera links.”

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