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A Bright future in Greece?

9 August 2007

Greece’s Graal SA, one of the leading post production facilities in Athens, has purchased a BrightDrive PRO4 shareable media store. The new system will be used to create a collaborative, realtime media sharing environment linking to Graal’s existing post equipment, writes Andy Stout.

“We chose the BrightDrive system because of its ability to provide flexible, high performance media sharing across all of our post production equipment,” said Katerina Economou, president and CEO, Graal SA. “Bright also has an outstanding record of reliability within the post production industry and meets our demanding standards for quality, precision and security. We believe that the BrightDrive PRO 4 is a valuable asset that will enable us to achieve a seamless workflow combined with high performance and service.”

Graal undertakes a range of post and DI work and was the first company in Greece to invest in film scanning, colour grading and film recorder technology. BrightDrive will provide a media sharing infrastructure that enables it to compose and secure large projects quickly and efficiently whilst maintaining a high level of flexibility from its current resources.

The new system will enable operators using Graal’s film scanner, DS Nitris, Final Cut Pro, Baselight and film recorder systems to share and work on the same media files simultaneously. The system will be tightly integrated with Graal’s existing storage network, giving it the option to upgrade easily as future requirement evolve.

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