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8K and Imaging of Things at Canon Expo 2015

14 October 2015
Canon Expo 2015

Canon yesterday opened its Expo 2015 in Paris, a global event taking place once every five years, showcasing the breadth of the company’s technologies.

At Expo 2015, Canon is showing how quickly imaging is expanding in the age of the Internet of Things, which will see a future where nearly everything will be connected through smart devices. These rely on built-in cameras or sensors and the data they generate, and as a result, Canon predicts that the IoT will largely depend on the ‘Imaging of Things.’

Canon is building a Network of Canon Companies, with regional headquarters that will manage local R&D and manufacturing, as well as service and support customised to individual markets.

Rokus van Iperen, president and CEO, Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa, said ahead of the show: “We are excited about the huge opportunities the shifting landscape presents and believe that in the future every image should have a connection with Canon. Whether it is taking the image, recording, storing, editing or printing it we want to play a part and are building businesses to do this.”

Technology on show at the Expo this week includes a 250 megapixel CMOS sensor, which, when installed in a camera, is capable of capturing lettering on the side of an aircraft 18km away.

A network camera with a new ultra-telephoto lens is also being demoed, which achieves eight times the brightness of conventional lenses, making night filming possible without need of infrared lighting. Visitors to the Expo can get hands on with the camera, which captures colour in a pitch-black set up, allowing for advances in nature documentary filmmaking and underwater exploration, according to Canon.

The range of ultra-high definition imaging technologies on show also includes Canon’s first 8K camera in the Cinema EOS system, which allows the user to take detailed 35 megapixel videos at up to 60fps, while a low aberration 8K lens gives clarity and sharpness to the image.

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