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4K-3D monitor unveiled

26 April 2011
4K-3D monitor unveiled

The first 4k-3D monitor for stereo post production has previewed at NAB. Jointly developed with Korea’s Redrover and Japanese developer Keisoku Giken, the monitor employs half-mirror technology and will be released this summer priced US$120,000. According to Tsukasa Baba of Keisoku Giken, “The monitor is a world first with 4K full resolution suitable for stereoscopic post production. As this system uses two 4K panels for your left eye and right eye and shows images simultaneously, there are no flickers as you might have see with shutter glass systems and there is no compromise on resolution as you might see with interleaved systems.”

 This system consists of two 27.8 inch LCD panels divided by a half mirror providing a resolution of 3840×2160 (4Kx2K). The two panels are mounted at 90 degrees to each other. One panel is mounted behind the half mirror and the other one is on the upper side of the monitor. Between those panels a half mirror or beam splitter is mounted.

 ”The light from the right monitor comes to your right eye through the half mirror and the light from the left monitor comes to your left eye after it has been bent on the surface of the half mirror,” explains Baba. “One light is polarized at 0 degrees while other is at 90 degrees.”

 3D glasses with the same polarization characteristics are necessary. “So you can view only the light of 0 degree polarized by 3D glass with 0 degree polarization while the other light polarized for 90 degree can be viewed by 3D glass that are polarized 90 degrees,” he adds. Video content shown on the prototype monitor at Giken’s NAB booth was produced by NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) and Rikkyo University as a reference video image intended to be used to evaluate 4K-3D systems.In the final production model DCI-4K, 50Hz and DVI-D inputs as well as colour adjustment features will be implemented. It will be marketed under the Redrover brand.

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