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4Designer streamlines graphics

18 March 2014
4Designer streamlines graphics

Orad Hi-Tec Systems is unveiling 4Designer and RenderEngine7, the next generation of its realtime graphics authoring software this NAB. As the successor to 3Designer, 4Designer offers new capabilities that aim to streamline the graphics creation workflow, and a new user interface and features based upon customer feedback.

4Designer and RenderEngine7 are native 64-bit applications with new workspace layouts that support high resolution/multi-monitor desktop displays. 4Designer is geared towards realtime on-air graphics creation from SD, through HD, UltraHD and large scale video walls.

New preview features include a multi-camera local preview which gives artists multiple working cameras for designing complex graphics, and allows virtual studio designers to realise all the camera angles used in a production without requiring a connection to the virtual studio.

File import options have been extended to include industry standards FBX, LWO, X3D, 3DS, DXF, VRML and Collada.


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