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3G soap: The future of entertainment?

16 December 2005
3G soap: The future of entertainment?

A new soap opera designed to showcase the capabilities of 3G mobile technology will debut in the UK next month. The five-minute episodic series, entitled ‘Brick-It’, will air weekly and will be available exclusively to all video-enabled mobile users across the country.

Produced by Farringdon Road Films, the series is claimed to demonstrate the potential of 3G while remaining impactful on 2.5G devices. Farringdon Road Films series director Henry Mason described the project as “a major step-change in the production of downloadable content. Written and shot entirely for mobiles, we have produced an exciting and highly addictive soap series that people will be able to watch wherever they are, whenever they have five minutes to spare. This is surely the future of entertainment.”

While Farringdon Road has yet to finalise a distribution deal for the series, Mason remained adamant that access should remain affordable for subscribers and that they must be protected from any hidden charges or the threat of mobile spamming. Subscribers will be able to log-on to view the latest episodes at a time of their choosing.

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