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3D Visual Enterprises acquires Meduza Systems

9 March 2012

UK-based 3D Visual Enterprises has acquired Meduza Systems, the Irvine, CA-based developer of 3D cameras, Meduza TITAN and the Meduza MK1. Prior to the acquisition, 3D Visual Enterprises has been the financial, marketing and distribution arm of the company with Meduza Systems focused on research and development. All activities will now be integrated under one company umbrella, Meduza Systems, which will also be responsible for all international and domestic US operations and global marketing efforts. The newly formed combined company retains offices in London, England and Irvine. Streamlining the company, the executive team includes the appointments of consultants Matt Whalen, imaging and colour scientist and Al Mayer, chief mechanical engineer and programme manager.  Whalen has been working on the Meduza Systems technology since its inception. Among Whalen’s expertise in image sensor evaluation and image processing development, are consumer products for clients including AT&T Videophone, SiliconFilm’s eFilm cartridge, digital cinema product development for RED and Cisco Telepresence. Whalen has formerly served in senior technical positions with Lucent/Bell Labs, Conexant, and SiliconFilm Technologies and currently holds more than ten patents in the areas of lightwave and digital camera technology. Mayer has been instrumental in driving the Meduza camera design, from invention prototype to completion. Over his 28-year career, Mayer has been responsible for the design, management, and technical marketing of many of the world’s leading motion picture and television camera systems. He holds US patents and provisional patents in camera design, wireless handheld remote-control systems and 3D projection systems. Mayer was the programme/project manager, chief industrial designer and chief design engineer for Panavision’s Panaflex Millennium XL, for which he and his design team received an Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. He was also responsible for the mechanical design and ergonomics of the world’s first high-end, full chip digital camera system, Genesis, a joint venture between Panavision and Sony, a winner of a Primetime Emmy Award for technical achievement.

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