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3D Storm provides localised tools for EMEA

21 March 2013
3D Storm provides localised tools for EMEA

3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products for Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan, has brought TriCaster closer to customers by providing localised tools to make live production easier. The 3D Storm website is now available in English and French. The two versions provide the latest product news as well as customer stories in both languages. A Spanish version of the website will soon be online, bringing the same level of information to Spanish speaking countries. From now on, TriCaster systems with localised keyboards, for German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic speaking countries are available from 3D Storm. TriCaster Quick Start Guides are now available from 3D Storm in five different languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. “We constantly work on enhancing our customers’ services,” said Franck Lafage, director of 3D Storm. “The EMEA is a wide region, composed with so many countries, speaking different languages and using different tools. Providing localised tools to our customers and helping them create the perfect productions is our main goal, and we want to go even further."

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