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3D Masters in video – part I

14 July 2010

David & Christina Fox at were present at the recent 3D Masters 2010 conference and shot some fascinating video interviews with the great and the good at the event. Here, BSkyB’s Chris Johns and 3Ality’s Steve Schklair talk about matters 3D.

Sky 3D – setting the standards.

BSkyB chief engineer, Chris Johns, talks about the importance of technical standards for 3D production and the issue of 2D to 3D conversion. It has made its technical specification for PlanoStereocopic (3D) programme content available online at

BSkyB prepares for its 3D launch

BSkyB began transmitting 3D sports and events to pubs and clubs across the UK in April and is launching a new "appointment to view" 3D service to the home in the Autumn. More from its chief engineer, Chris Johns, about its plans, including how to view 3D on an iPhone.

Steve Schklair on the HD to 3D transition

Steve Schklair, CEO, 3Ality Digital Systems talks about the creative and technological challenges in the transition from HD to 3D, the business case for moving to stereoscopic production and how to get the best out of 3D.

Schklair on the 3D skills shortage

The technology for stereoscopic 3D is good enough now for broadcast TV use, but one of the big problems still remaining is the shortage of skilled crew, especially stereographers. Schklair talks about what needs to be done and where the opportunities lie for working in 3D.

Schklair on integrated 3D camcorders 

Lastly from Schklair, he gives his thoughts on the upcoming release of integrated 3D camcorders (from the likes of Panasonic, Sony and Ikonoskop), including whether they will be suitable for broadcast production and the difficulties caused by their fixed interaxial distance.

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