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3D delivery in the spotlight at IBC

2 August 2011
3D delivery in the spotlight at IBC

The market for stereo 3D content has moved from IMAX exhibition to cinema screens onto TV and now to PCs and portable devices. While all of these forms present distribution opportunities, they also bring challenges for maintaining quality across different platforms. BSkyB’s director product design & TV product development, Brian Lenz, will tackle ‘Delivering 3D to Multiple Screens’ on Monday 12 September at 13:30 in the Auditorium as part of the IBC Conference focus on stereoscopic production.

Indeed, IBC is offering an entire day’s worth of sessions on 3D, including ‘3D Live at the Big Screen: Movie and Programme Makers Show How It Works in Real Time’, ‘Stereoscopic 3D – Fixing It in Post’ and ‘A Glimpse Into the Stereoscopic Future’.

For a day-by-day breakdown of the 2011 Conference Programme, click here.

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