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3ality Technica to build MPE-200-style product

6 September 2011
3ality Technica to build MPE-200-style product

Steve Schklair, the CEO of 3ality Technica which recently acquired Element Technica, says that the company will develop a similar product to Sony’s MPE-200 processor. He also aims to keep all options open for FIFA in its choice of technology partner for the 2014 World Cup. Element Technica rigs, in tandem with Sony MPE-200 processor boxes for automated convergence, were staples of the 3D production effort for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
 Schklair says 3ality Technica will develop a product along similar lines to the MPE-200 “but we are not going to discontinue working with the Sony product. So FIFA has a choice to keep working with the MPE-200 if they wish.”This would seem the most likely outcome given that Sony is an official FIFA sponsor.
 Schklair is also advanced in plans to set up a sales base for 3ality Technica in  the UK. The company already has a service outfit, based at Telegenic, to support the hefty investment which BSkyB has made in using 3ality technology.Manufacturing of 3ality’s rigs will be pulled back from Germany, to the US.
 “The cost of the Euro to the dollar was adding too much to the cost of making a unit so it makes sense to use the economies of scale we get with Element Technica to bring manufacturing in house,” he said.
 “We aim to make our rigs work with their controllers and their rigs work with our stereo image processor and we are already advanced in this and something we will show at IBC.” 

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