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16 per cent of Spanish pay-TV households were first-timers in 2015

2 March 2016
16 per cent of Spanish pay-TV households were first-timers in 2015

Sixteen per cent of Spanish pay-TV households subscribed to their service for the first time in 2015, according to research from Parks Associates.

The research project, titled Connected Consumer in Europe, revealed that Spanish consumers are more likely than other western European markets either to have never had pay-TV or to have cancelled pay TV in favour of online video sources.

Connected Consumer in Europe surveys consumers in multiple western European countries and is designed to provide a ‘complete picture’ of European connected consumers, including their household demands, expectations, and purchase plans.

“First-time adoption of pay-TV is up among Spanish broadband households as is the penetration of pay-TV overall,” said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates.

“The Spanish pay-TV market in general has a very active, cost conscious base of subscribers, with higher than average rates of downgrades and upgrades and a substantial population of cord nevers.”

Spain also exceeds the US in percentage of cord cutters and broadband households that watch online video, but in the UK, France, and Germany, the incidence of cord cutting is far lower than in the US.

“The percentage of consumers in the UK, Germany, and France cancelling pay-TV services and instead using online video is half the rate seen in the US market,” Sappington added.


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