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13 June for 3D Masters

5 December 2011
13 June for 3D Masters

3D Masters will return to BAFTA on 13 June 2012 with the participation of two of the premier societies supporting the broadcasting industry, BKSTS and SMPTE.

With the installed base of 3D-ready displays in the UK predicted to triple by the end of 2012 to 2.3m (Futuresource) and with several new 3D channels in Europe, Asia and Africa opening up the market for 3D TV is only going one way. The introduction of mobile devices with glasses-free screens for streaming content in 2012 looks set to galvanise the market, as does a spectacular 3D production of the London Olympics.  There are further large scale 3D live events on the cards next year. With several high profile 3D documentary series already in the can and ideas for game shows and dramas being touted, Europe’s 3D TV sector is arguably leading Hollywood and the world in terms of innovative content and technological innovation. Provided editorial concept and technical execution are treated with care there is no reason not to consider stereo 3D production a money-making option. 3D Masters 2012 is the essential forum for the European TV industry as it experiments with cheaper 3D production technology; new business opportunities and crucially the marriage of the right content with the appropriate stereoscopic storytelling techniques. Building on a pedigree of informed debate and acclaimed speakers which have included BSkyB’s Chris Johns; 3Ality Technica’s Steve Schklair and Atlantic Productions’ Anthony Geffen, 3D Masters 2012 promises to deliver the people, the presentations and the analysis that matter.
In return for their support of 3D Masters, TVBEurope will become a media partner for The Forum on Emerging Media Technologies, to be hosted by SMPTE and the EBU and held in Geneva next May.Contact if you are interested in speaking at 3D Masters 2012.

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