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1080 projector passes screen test

26 June 2007

The latest post production facility to use the cineo3+ 1080 DLPTM projector from projectiondesign is The Look based in Soho. Discreetly installed inside a completely new DI grading and online editing suite, the projector is used for client review of commercials, drama, documentaries and feature films.

Sourced from exclusive UK projectiondesign distributor, RGB Communications and supplied and installed by audio visual specialists, AVE Systems, the projector displays a combination of HD and SD format images onto a 72-inch sized screen in 16:9 mode. It is fed from a Quantel eQ FX HDRGB online and grading system using a Lasercache Panther HD-SDI to DVI-D converter.

Thomas Urbye, MD at The Look commented: “We offer our clients a complete post production package and have the flexibility to work with a broad range of workflows for film, HD or SD video production. It was important that we chose the right projector and the right company to manage the installation. Our new suite creates a huge amount of ‘Wow Factor’ for the large screen viewing of images for our clients. Our clients can perfectly see rich, natural colours and high-resolution moving images from anywhere in the suite as there is no viewing angle issue.

“Only one lamp is run offering significant running benefits and the image quality produced is outstanding. In a nutshell, the cineo3+ 1080 is the most cost-effective solution for the reproduction of 1920×1080 images.”

Anders L_kke, marketing & communications manager for projectiondesign added: “We’re delighted that The Look has selected one of our projectors. We’re experiencing a growing success in the broadcast and post production market where only the most advanced image processing and technology are considered. The cineo3+ 1080 projector from projectiondesign is a true 1080p HDTV resolution projector that uses single chip 1920×1080 DLPTM technology and each projector is individually calibrated to its application.”

The cineo3+ 1080 projector is a good fit for the post production environment since it effectively reproduces a rich palette of colours, and strongly saturated images thanks to the Texas Instruments BrilliantColour technology, and projectiondesign’s proprietary RealColor system incorporated at the heart of the projector. RealColor simplifies colour management, calibration and set up for rendered natural images. The maximum contrast ratio can be set up to 7500:1 and has a brightness output of up to 3,500 ANSI lumens.

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