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100% data integrity with Arkivum

25 July 2011

IBC2011 sees a new company launch a new approach to data storage. Arkivum claims that its unique approach to data safety and security will give customers complete assurance of safe storage.

Jim Cook, CEO of Arkivum, added: “The service is even more secure than a company’s own files. The data is always 100% safe because we maintain three copies at all times: two in our data centres and one held offline, locked away in a third party escrow service.
 “This gives customers that essential peace of mind. They have guaranteed access to their data no matter what happens to our service, and we know that we can recover from any catastrophe.”
 Cook described the service as highly cost-effective and less than half the price of keeping data on in-house SAN solutions, while still providing online access in less than five minutes. The service is also highly power efficient, dramatically reducing a customer’s power consumption, heat generation and carbon footprint. It has been developing in conjunction with the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre.
 “The system is ideal for film, post and broadcast workflows,” Cook concluded. “Uses include secure offsite storage of file-based assets during the production process, long-term archiving of finished projects, and freeing up in-house capacity.” 

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